Upgrade & Save NYC/LI Surpasses $300,000

The. Savings. Are. Real. Our rebate program offers $500 for a new boiler or furnace, $200 a new storage tank, and $100 for a new burner and controls. Plus, a new boiler or furnace can reduce New York City and Long Island homeowners’ fuel costs by up to 40% per year!

Join Your Neighbors Who Have Already Saved

As of February 13, 2019, the Upgrade & Save New York City and Long Island Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program has provided 694 New York City and Long Island Bioheat fuel® users like you with a total of $319,000 in heating equipment rebates. That’s nearly 700 New York homes that are now comfier, safer and more energy-efficient.

Protect Your Property

Upgrade & Save NYC/LI isn’t just about helping Bioheat fuel customers save energy and money. It also helps protect their property by providing $200 for the replacement of an old storage tank. Fuel storage tanks are generally safe and built to last, but like boilers and furnaces, it’s good practice to have them inspected each year to know for sure when it’s time for a replacement.

Tanks Again, Bioheat® Fuel

The fuel inside New York City and Long Island oil storage tanks actually helps clean heating systems? It’s true! Bioheat fuel has been shown to eliminate sludge, keeping heating equipment parts shiny and healthy. Speaking of fuel, if you normally call for your deliveries, please remember to schedule one more before summer. This will keep your tank full in case you need fuel for hot water, plus it will help prevent sludge from forming inside your tank. Call your Bioheat fuel dealer today to schedule your final delivery of the heating season, or ask about automatic delivery and they’ll take care of the rest!