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New York's Voice for Bioheat® Fuel

123rf_21041769_ml.pngNew York loves Bioheat® fuel, and Bioheat® fuel dealers love the New York State Energy Coalition - the voice of the Bioheat® fuel industry in New York City's five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester. The Coalition is a tireless advocate, constantly monitoring and steering the policies, regulations and issues that affect our members and their customers. We work closely with government officials and allied associations to address any business problems that arise. We believe that Bioheat® fuel is the best heating fuel for for our region, and we stop at nothing to represent the industry's interests.

Whether it's fending off fierce competition from competing fuels or influencing the development of municipal policies, NYSEC represents and protects the interests of its members by working with other industry groups and the government to build effective solutions.

In 2020, NYSEC was formed by the merger of the New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA) and the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island (OHILI). NYSEC takes a positive approach in advocating for Bioheat® fuel. We regularly reach out to consumers with our "Hot Ideas" newsletter to remind them of Bioheat® fuel's strengths, including friendly service, budget programs, service contracts, conservation advice and high-efficiency system upgrades. The newsletter informs customers about new developments in Bioheat® fuel, which is helping to make every community a cleaner, greener place to live, work and raise a family.

We take the pro-Bioheat® message to other important constituencies as well. Our Realty program bolsters the sale of Bioheated properties by directly assisting the real estate industry. We host free seminars where real estate professionals, including home inspectors, learn about commonly held misperceptions of Bioheat® fuel and discover how to help would-be buyers become comfortable with Bioheat® fuel.

Whenever the government - local, state or federal - considers new policies or regulations that would affect our industry, NYSEC is there, speaking for our members and their customers.

We maintain an excellent collection of information resources at NYSECNow.org, and we welcome consumers to browse the site and learn about modern Bioheat® fuel and advanced, economical Bioheat® fuel equipment. You'll find informative pages about Bioheat® fuel equipment, budget plans, service contracts and more.


NYSEC Supports the Following Organizations:

  • National Oilheat Research Alliance
  • New York Oil Heating Research Alliance
  • National Energy & Fuels Institute 


New York Oil Heating Insurance Fund, Inc.

The New York Oil Heating Insurance Fund provides life, accidental death & dismemberment and disability insurance. Call 631-360-0200 or click here to request more information.


Career Opportunities

123rf_11935010_s.pngOur member companies are always looking for the best and brightest individuals to help keep New Yorkers comfortable and warm.

Opportunities are currently available for:

  • Heating system service technicians
  • Heating system installation technicians
  • Experienced truck drivers and mechanics
  • Industrial sales representatives
  • Customer service specialists
  • Bookkeeping, finance and administrative positions

Contact us for more information on any of these positions.