New York City Council Passes Cleaner Power Generation Bill

Some good news for our fellow New Yorkers: the City Council voted overwhelmingly to approve Bill INT 1465-A, which calls for cleaner power generation by requiring power plants to end the use of heavy fuels. The bill, co-sponsored by City Councilman Costa Constantinides, accelerates the timeline for power plants to stop their use of No. 6 and No. 4 fuel oils in favor of ultra-low sulfur No. 2 fuel oil, a much greener alternative.

There was a 2020 deadline for eliminating No. 6 fuel oil and a 2030 deadline to do the same for No. 4 fuel oil. Now, power plant operators are afforded two options to phase them out: 

  1. Continue to burn No. 6 fuel oil until December 31, 2021, but switch immediately thereafter to ultra-low sulfur No. 2 fuel oil, or an alternative fuel such as the B5 biofuel contained in all New York City heating oil;
  2. Switch from No. 4 fuel oil to ultra-low sulfur No. 2 fuel oil or an alternative fuel by 2025, rather than 2030.

This bill will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 125,000 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 3,600 tons, nitrogen oxide emissions by 3,500 tons, and particulate matter emissions by 1,000 tons. 

New York City has long been leading the charge toward a greener future, in large part thanks to Constantinides. He also co-sponsored INT 0642-A, which increased the New York City Bioheat® fuel standard from B2 (2 percent biofuel) to its current B5 (5 percent biofuel). 

As a New York City resident and Bioheat® fuel customer, you not only are contributing to making the neighborhoods we live in cleaner, but you may also be eligible for a tax credit. If your Bioheat® dealer provides B6 (6 percent biofuel or a higher blend), you can receive a tax credit of up to 20 cents per gallon. Ask your Bioheat® dealer for more information. 

To read bill INT 1465-A, click here. Read more about the New York City Bioheat® fuel standard here. If you don’t have one already, find a dealer today.