Heating Oil Companies Deliver Critical Energy and Electricity Services During the Deep Freeze

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NYOHA-Deep-Freeze-PDF.jpgJanuary 5, 2018 (New York, NY) In the wake of severe winter weather and historically low temperatures in the New York Metropolitan region, New Yorkers can be confident that there is a sufficient and stable supply of heating oil. The industry has been working tirelessly to ensure that oil-heated homes and businesses are heated as winter sets in. We would like to assure our heating oil customers that their providers are working hard to ensure deliveries, and they are ready, able and available to repair or replace their customers' oil heat equipment.

The New York State Energy Coalition (NYSEC) continues to work closely with City and State agencies and local utilities to ensure that energy and electricity supplies will not be interrupted in the arctic freeze. Many utilities have turned to oil to generate electricity. The frigid weather has escalated demand for gas to heat homes and businesses and as such, utilities have triggered their interruptible contracts – meaning that they switch from natural gas to heating oil when natural gas supply gets low. This switching adds approximately an additional 1.0 million heating oil gallons per day above normal demand. The heating oil industry has stepped up to meet that demand keeping the power on in addition to keeping homes warm. 

"Local heating oil providers have decades of experience serving communities across New York during times of peak demand and severe weather. Customers can be assured that high-quality fuel delivery and prompt, reliable service continues through this deep freeze, and that heating oil companies are on the ready to support electric utilities," said Rocco J. Lacertosa, CEO, NYSEC. 

In critical weather situations, we are especially reminded that clean, renewable heating oil is a vital part of the diverse energy portfolio that keeps New York running.

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