Bioheat Fuel: The Way to a Cleaner Future!

Each and every day we hear more and more about global warming and how quickly and drastically the climate is changing. We all need to do what we can to improve the state of our planet and protect the environment, and New York Bioheat Fuel® dealers are doing their part by delivering Bioheat Fuel to homeowners throughout New York City and Long Island!


What is Bioheat Fuel?


Bioheat Fuel is a clean alternative to traditional home heating oil. It contains biodiesel, which is made from renewable resources, mixed with low-sulfur heating oil. A combination that promotes a cleaner heating system as well as fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


Other than that, it comes with other benefits as well:


  • ·         It can be used in any existing heating system with no modifications required
  • ·         It helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprints with little effort
  • ·         It keeps heating equipment in better condition, reducing the risks of a breakdown
  • ·         It reduces our dependency on foreign oil because it’s blended domestically
  • ·         It costs about the same as traditional home heating oil


What is biodiesel made of?


A few of the renewable resources that go into the production of biodiesel include…


  • ·         Soybeans
  • ·         Sunflower oil
  • ·         Vegetable oil
  • ·         Peanuts
  • ·         Oats
  • ·         Animal fats
  • ·         Used cooking oils
  • ·         Other waste agricultural byproducts


Bioheat Fuel is the heating oil industry’s answer to creating a cleaner future for everyone, and NYSEC’s dealer members are happy to be a part of the change needed to do so. Contact your local Bioheat Fuel dealer to learn more!