Say Goodbye to Cold Showers with a New Water Heater

Are you tired of taking teeth-chattering showers in the morning, or do you have tenants complaining about waiting for their water to turn warm only for it to turn cold minutes later? You should talk to your local Bioheat® fuel dealer about upgrading to a new energy-efficient water heater.


A full-service Bioheat® fuel dealer can help you choose the perfect water heater for your home or building that fits within your budget. Whether you use a furnace or boiler, a new water heater can help improve your comfort and save you money!

3 Benefits of a New Water Heater

  • Save Space: Many companies are offering compact and reliable tankless water heaters. These heaters take up much less space than traditional water heaters and will provide you with extra storage space.
  • Lower Your Energy Bills: Regardless of what type of water heater you upgrade with, it is almost guaranteed to be more energy-efficient than your old model. It should be able to heat your water faster and keep it heated for longer, saving you money on monthly energy and water bills.
  • Hot Water Recovery Rate: A new hot water heater will likely have a better recovery rating which will give you access to more hot water when you need it most. Additionally, Bioheat® fuel burns hotter than utility gas and will further lower the recovery time, making it less likely to run out during periods of heavy usage. 

Put an end to cold showers and stop wasting water and money. Speak to your local Bioheat® fuel dealer about upgrading your water heater.