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enter the price you pay for fuel (per gallon) $ and the number of gallons of fuel you use per year , then select one of the cost-saving tips to calculate how much you can save per year.

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Your Savings
Heating system tune-up 5%  
Automatic setback thermostat 10%  
New burner control 10%  
Caulk, seal and weather strip your home 10%  
Install a flame retention burner 17%  
Insulate the attic 20%  
Choose ENERGY STAR® labeled
heating equipment*
Choose ENERGY STAR® qualified boiler with high efficiency controls and indirect water heater** 40%  
*Actual savings vary depending on the efficiency of the new system and the system being replaced.
Contact your local NYSEC member for more information on upgrading to a high efficiency heating system.
**A detailed study by the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory demonstrated that Oilheat equipment with these specifications had the greatest reduction in annual fuel use over all other systems tested, surpassing a 95% AFUE modulation condensing natural gas boiler and other condensing boilers.