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Your industry is in a Fight for Its Future!

NY's Climate Action Council has recommended that the state outlaw heating oil replacement equipment as soon as 2030. They have also recommended using carbon taxes and "cap & invest" to artificially raise the price of our fuel, so they can turn around and increase subsidies for people to convert to Heat Pumps.

Right now, in the Governor's budget and in proposed legislation, the path to forced electrification is being paved. It is the path to our extinction and promises terrible consequences for people in the state.

We are fighting back. We need your help.

Few people really understand the implications of the state's plans. When they find out, they are not happy.

Our only hope is to alert the public and motivate them to make their voices heard. Now, before it's too late. We have a solution that will reduce carbon emissions at a fraction of the cost and disruption of electrification. But Albany will only consider alternatives if they are forced to.

NYSEC is supporting the Smarter NY Energy Campaign, which is leading the fight to galvanize public opposition to forced electrification (Smarternyenergy.org.) Last year, the campaign reached millions of New Yorkers, and generated 40% of all public comments about the climate plans. You can see some of the ads that ran a few months ago here. Now, we need to reach even more, and we need your help.

More than 70 fuel dealer and associate members have already contributed to this campaign. We need more.

Become a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum supporter of the campaign. There is no greater threat to your business or customer base. There is no better advertising dollar you can spend. The more money we raise, the more people we can reach with our message.

NYSEC is contributing $200,000 from its reserves. NYSEC members have already contributed another $225,000. The NY Propane industry has raised over $500,000 and ESEA has raised over $110,00. It's a good start, but we need more funds to increase our reach.

We are 2/3 of the way to our goal. Help us help you.

Thank you for helping us fight for your future. Please make a contribution equal to the importance of this issue for your business.

Here are the amounts people are contributing: Platinum Plus $30,000+, Platinum $20,000+, Gold $10,000+, Silver $5,000+, Bronze under $5,000

There are two ways you can contribute.


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See below for our list of current contributors:

Platinum Plus Sponsors


Combined Energy Service
Ehrhart Energy/EDPO
Mirabito Energy
Ray Murray, Inc.
Rinnai North America

Platinum Sponsors


Approved Oil*
Bergquist, Inc.
E & V Energy
Peconic Propane Inc.
Superior Plus Energy
Swezey Fuel*
Wendt's Propane & Oil

Gold Sponsors


Bottini Fuel
Drum Oil & Propane Co.
F.M. Schildwachter*
Hart Home Comfort
Lictus Keystone, Inc.
Long Energy
Main Care
Mulhern Gas Company
Norton's Gas
OSI Comfort Specialists*
Paraco Gas
R&B Energy Inc.
Ray Energy Corp.
Short's Oil Co., Inc.
SOS Fuels
TPS Supply Corp
Tragar Fuel*
Westmore Fuel Co., Inc.

Silver Sponsors


Blueox Corporation
CK Business Consultants
Country Propane
Cohler Fuel*
Crown Gas
Depew Energy/Stone Rd.
Digital Dispatcher
Durkin Propane
Esperance LP Gas Inc.
Heller's Gas
Helmer's Fuel & Trucking
Hiltz Propane Systems
Hirsch Fuel*
Irish Propane
John's Gas Service
Johnston's Gas Service
Marathon Energy
MX Petroleum Corp.
Nolan Bottled Gas Co.
North Collins Cylinder Gas Co.
Overbaugh Family
RegO Products
Reid Petroleum
Reinhart Corp.
Scharman's Gas Service
Scott Smith & Sons
Snyder Fuel Service
Star Gas Products
United Metro Energy Corp.
Valley Energy Services, LLC
VEO Energy
W.C. Esp Inc./dba Bradford Oil
Wever Petroleum


Under $5,000

Fuel Watchman Sales and Service, Inc.
Guaranteed Chimney
Heather Canetto
Robert O'Brien*
Southville Petroleum

*Companies marked as bold are NYSEC members