Smooth Operators

As of October 1, New York City and Long Island’s “heating season” will have officially began. That means cold outdoor temperatures are coming soon. Thankfully, we are here to help ensure the season goes as smooth as possible for you, your family and your neighbors. Looking for added reassurance? Here are five things you can do to help us help you!

  1. Sign up for automatic delivery. This will help make sure your fuel tank doesn’t run dry, which should help prevent a heating outage. If you aren’t already signed up, just give us a call. Don’t know if you’re signed up? Call and ask.
  2. If you’re having company, tell our company. If you are having guests over for an extended period, or if there’s been a new addition to your family, this could increase your fuel demand. Please let us know.
  3. Clear a path to your tank or fill pipe. In the event of an early snowfall, please be sure to clear a walkway so our delivery drivers can get to your home quickly and safely. Unable to shovel? Please ask a neighbor or tell us in advance.
  4. Schedule a tune-up ASAP. If you haven’t already had your boiler or furnace looked at this fall, give us a call immediately. This can help ensure a smooth season and prevent a no-heat emergency.
  5. Sign up for a service plan. A service plan includes a free annual tune-up plus additional protections to help prevent heating outages. If your boiler or furnace is more than five years old, now is the time to subscribe

Last but not least, if your heating system shuts down at any point this season, try restarting it before calling. To restart your system, press the reset button on your burner’s relay just once. If that doesn’t work, make sure the emergency switch on the heating system and/or by the stairs to your basement is set to “on.” Look closely because there could be two switches. If your system still won’t start, don’t delay — call us right away.

Contact us online today for tips on how Long Island and NYC’s Bioheat® fuel dealers can help keep your home comfortable all winter long!