Schedule Your Heating System Tune-Up

It has probably been a while since you last used your heating equipment, but since the weather is starting to get warmer consider calling your local Bioheat® Fuel dealer for a heating system tune-up!

How does a heating system tune-up help New York City and Long Island homeowners?

Just like any other piece of equipment, regular maintenance is key to being able to enjoy your heating system year after year. Here’s what makes annual heating system tune-ups so important:

  • They allow technicians to catch problems early on, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to prevent future system breakdowns

  • They help keep the equipment clean, and cleaner equipment runs better providing the home with improved comfort coverage

  • They boost the efficiency of the equipment, which allows the homeowner to save on their annual fuel costs. The better your system’s efficiency, the more you save!

  • They help prevent carbon monoxide leaks and allow technicians to address any safety concerns that the homeowner might have

  • They ensure your equipment is ready to go next heating season! It’ll be much more difficult to schedule a heating system tune-up once the weather cools down again

If it has been a while since you thought about your heating system (or since you’ve scheduled a heating system tune-up!) contact your local Bioheat Fuel dealer today and ask about having your equipment maintained properly.