NYC Stipulated Fine Program Changes

This spring, the New York City Department of Finance proposed a change to both the Stipulated Fine and Commercial Abatement Programs in the city, which enable commercial vehicles to receive discounted parking tickets in exchange for waiving their rights to fight the tickets. Among other things, the changes to the program include reductions in the ticket discounts, expected to bring in an additional $17 million in revenue to the city, at the expense of the trucking industry. The stated goal of the decrease in discount is to discourage illegal parking. However, the city does not plan to make any additional parking for commercial vehicles available.

TANY has been working with carriers in the city who are enrolled in this program in an effort to determine what the impact to their companies will be, and present the realities of the plan's change (including that it won't change parking habits since no additional parking is being made available) to the Department of Finance. Please contact Kendra at or (518) 458-9696 with any comments or concerns.