New York Bioheat® Dealers Help You Save When You Upgrade Your Heating Equipment

The signs are apparent … your boiler or furnace has seen better days. Your energy bills are higher than they used to be (and rising), you have to call your Bioheat® for repairs too often, and your home just can’t stay warm in some spots. Clearly, you need an upgrade. The good news is, while upgrading your heating system may seem like a major expense, you can actually enjoy short- and long-term savings when you do it with the help of your Bioheat® dealer.

Savings Through Upgrade & Save Rebates

When you replace your oil-fired furnace or boiler with a higher-efficiency model and install a new aboveground oil storage tank, you can earn $700 in rebates through the Upgrade & Save – New York City & Long Island Rebate Program.

Savings Through Energy Efficiency

Not only can you earn $700 back right away, but you’ll also save for years to come due to the fact your new equipment is so efficient. Upgrading your heating system could save you up to 40 percent on your heating bills because you’re using less Bioheat® fuel to heat your home.

Find a Dealer and Capitalize on These Great Savings

Across New York City and Long Island, Bioheat® fuel dealers are helping people save money when they upgrade their heating equipment. Why not join them? When you do, you may save even more through value-added services, such as budget plans, service plans and discounted maintenance and repairs. Visit our website to find a dealer near you.

*Not every Bioheat® fuel dealer offers the same value-added services. Contact yours and ask which ones they offer.