Join Thousands of Homeowners – Upgrade & Save!

Worried about the state of your home heating equipment? Well, now is a great time to consider upgrading to a new, more efficient furnace or boiler to ensure your comfort this heating season! Your local New York Bioheat Fuel dealers, along with the Upgrade & Save NYC LI Rebate Program, are offering rebates to homeowners who opt to install heating equipment with higher efficiency ratings.

Ask your Bioheat Fuel dealer how you can earn…

  • $500 for the replacement or upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to a higher efficiency model
  • $300 for the installation of an aboveground oil storage tank to replace an aboveground or underground tank
  • Potentially $800 in rebates just for upgrading your heating system. Note: There’s a limit of two (2) rebates per household.

Many New Yorkers have already begun upgrading their heating equipment and taking advantage of the rebate program! Let’s take a look at the numbers from the program from 2016 through August 26, 2020.

  • Rebates Processed: 1,068
  • Boilers Replaced: 896
  • Furnaces Replaced: 26
  • Storage Tanks Replaced: 124
  • Total Rebates Processed: $559,150
  • Average Boiler Efficiency Increase: 19.13%
  • Average Furnace Efficiency Increase: 21.34%

Numbers don’t lie! Join your fellow New Yorkers and upgrade your heating equipment today to a more efficient model. You’ll save on heating costs and earn yourself some extra money as well. Contact your local Bioheat Fuel dealer to get started!