Bioheat® Dealers Help Realty Professionals Sell More Homes

Realtors understand that the more they know about the home they’re trying to sell, the better their chances of making a sale. When it comes to the home’s comfort systems, the same idea applies. Oftentimes when selling homes, realty professionals encounter Bioheat® fuel systems. Thanks to the Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program, realty professionals will be prepared to answer just about anything the next time they do.

If you’re a real estate professional, what better way to learn all there is to know about Bioheated homes than by learning from Bioheat® dealers themselves? Bioheat® dealers can help realty professionals sell more homes by answering questions potential homebuyers may have. They can also perform system startups, answer questions a home inspector might ask, deliver emergency fuel, conduct tank measurements, offer conservation tips, and much more.

In short, Bioheat® dealers help realty professionals know more about the homes they’re trying to sell. Through the Bioheat®-Realty Partnership Program, Bioheat® dealers reach out to agents and brokers to equip them with this valuable information, which in turn also helps the dealers because it helps preserve the Bioheat® fuel market share and promotes the sale of Bioheated homes.

Through breakfast events, webinars, newsletters, brochures and more, realty professionals can absorb all there is to know about Bioheat® fuel and its benefits. Signing up is easy – just visit this link to get started. Realty professionals and Bioheat® dealers work better together!