NYSEC Bioheat® fuel dealers understand conservation, and they regularly help customers implement energy-saving measures. Customers who are looking for ways to save fuel and money can contact their Bioheat® fuel dealer and request a consultation.

For Maximum Savings, Take the Big Step

123rf_14982166_ml.pngWhen energy prices climb, the best shelter against inflation is improved efficiency. The most direct path to fuel savings is to replace your current equipment with a new ENERGY STAR®-rated heating system that is designed for high efficiency. ENERGY STAR is a joint venture of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that guides Americans on energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR website energystar.gov recommends that homeowners consider replacing any boiler or furnace that is 15 years old or older.

The systems that a NYSEC Bioheat® fuel dealer offers can reduce consumption by 30% or more. Manufacturers are incorporating the latest combustion technology and heat-transfer design to squeeze every available BTU from the fuel to eliminate waste and reduce heating costs. Other conservation steps can save you money too, but a system upgrade is the surest way to conserve fuel, reduce environmental impact, and guard against energy price inflation.

A new heating system is a considerable investment, but the returns are outstanding. A typical customer recoups the cost in reduced fuel consumption in just a few years, and then the savings just keep coming, year after year. A new high-efficiency system also raises the value of a home or building.

Smaller Steps Can Make a Big Difference Too

Energy savings can pile up when you do a lot of little things right. An annual tune-up can save up to 5% off your energy use. A full-service NYSEC Bioheat® fuel dealer can recommend and implement small-scale improvements that can really make a difference, such as installing a smart or programmable thermostat or an advanced burner control. Customers who want to take advantage of these opportunities should contact their dealer. 

For more energy-saving advice, please read our conservation tips and put some of them to work for you.