Representing New York's Heating Fuels Industry

New Energy Efficiency Case Initiated

Emilio Petrocionne, Esq., NYSEC Regulatory Counsel

20171222_NYS.jpgThe New York State Department of Service (DPS) has instituted a new case to establish aggressive energy efficiency targets and policies for the state. The proceeding titled, "In the Matter of a Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Initiative" will be a joint effort by the DPS and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Governor Cuomo created this new initiative to lower New York's overall energy consumption as part of his effort to combat climate change, lower energy bills, and help meet the state's clean energy and environmental goals. In his January 3, 2018 State of the State message, the Governor directed the DPS and NYSERDA to:

  • Engage stakeholders in the public and private sectors and propose a comprehensive energy efficiency initiative by Earth Day, April 22, 2018;
  • Propose a new 2025 energy efficiency target achieved through the implementation of strategies and innovative approaches from both utilities and the Clean Energy Fund in order to accelerate progress towards the state's ambitious climate and clean energy goals; and
  • Identify opportunities by which state facilities can lead by example.

This new matter is related to and is an extension of the Clean Energy Fund (CEF) case in which NYOHA and OHILI were active parties. Many aspects of the CEF case grew out of issues that arose in local rate cases in which both Associations were also participants. NYSEC intends to intervene in this new case to learn of the state's new energy efficiency goals and proposed programs. In addition, and perhaps even more significant, the Coalition will work to ensure that the new case does not undo progress that was achieved in the CEF and other proceedings. It is critical that New York's fuel-neutral energy efficiency policy not be eroded or repealed, that energy efficiency programs and targets do not become utility subsidized conversion programs, and that heating oil consumers will also be afforded energy efficiency opportunities by the state.

Two topical forums have been scheduled with presentations to be made concerning current efficiency strategies and targets in the exploration of potential new strategies to increase the implementation of energy efficiency measures by consumers. NYSEC will keep members informed about the progress of this new initiative.