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Ride the Temperature Rollercoaster with your Full-Service Bioheat® Fuel Provider

- 10:02 am - February 22nd, 2017

It was in our most recent blog, on the snow-covered heels of Winter Storm Niko, that we praised the efforts of full-service Bioheat® fuel dealers who worked around the clock to keep your family warm and safe throughout the storm. Only two weeks later, the forecast calls for spring-like temperatures through the rest of February, with Accuweather even calling for temperatures pushing an almost tropical 70° on a couple of those days. But if you’re preparing to shake hands with your Bioheat dealer and wish him or her well until next heating season, think again!

123rf_11217787_ml.pngMany homeowners have maintenance performed in the fall as the summer heat gives way and New York residents prepare for another cold Northeast winter. However, as we see spring peeking through the winter clouds and prepare to give our heating systems some well-deserved down-time, now is a perfect time schedule your annual system maintenance to assess winter’s wear and tear. 

Spring is also the perfect time for your service provider to perform annual maintenance. Without the heavy workload that comes with the demand the cold season places on heating equipment, your provider will have more time and flexibility to schedule your appointment. And should your system need a part, you won’t have the specter of that impending snowstorm bearing down on you should you have to wait a day or two. 

Your spring heating system maintenance “to-do” list should also include a tank fill. Leaving your fuel oil tank near-empty or only partially full could allow water to condense, which stimulates bacteria growth. This results in the formation of sludge, a leading factor in heating system breakdowns. Filling your tank to capacity will help prevent that.

By scheduling a heating system tune-up and a tank refill now, you can head into spring with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your comfort equipment is up for any challenge. And while we’re hopeful as spring nears, it’s not uncommon to need to fire up the furnace or boiler in April or even May. A spring tune-up can help ensure that your equipment will continue performing at a high level whenever you need it.

Contact your Bioheat® fuel provider today or browse from our database of dealers to get dependable full service home comfort treatment today.