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NYSEC Teams with Bioheat® Fuel and 1010 WINS to "Keep A Neighbor Warm This Winter"

- 4:29 pm - March 10th, 2017

BIOHEAT_logo.pngNYC & LI Bioheat® fuel keeps New Yorkers warm, and our members help keep neighbors warm any way they can!

Since 2015, NYSEC along with 1010 WINS and the Bioheat® Van Charity Coat Drive has kept New Yorkers in need warm and informed all winter long. The Bioheat® Van, as it is now known by the communities that we serve, is associated with charity and warmth. In fact, residents ask for it!

Now after three years, our feel-good, do-good charity mission has grown into a branded, effective and powerful marketing campaign. In addition to picking up coats at LIRR stations, bus stops and various other locations around Brooklyn and Queens, our Dealer Members and others stepped up in a big way this past season.

In 2015, we collected approximately 500 coats. In 2016, we were able to almost double that number with 900 coats collected. Last year, our results were outstanding! We set the bar even higher with a total of 1,728 coats, along with 55 hats, scarves and gloves, 11 pairs of pants, and 17 pairs of shoes – all of which were donated to the Coalition for the Homeless and Salvation Army.

Thank you to our Dealer Members who participated and achieved terrific results: Star Gas/Petro/Meenan collected 200 coats; Skaggs-Walsh collected 150; United Metro Energy Corp. collected 129; and Approved Oil of Brooklyn collected 100.

And that’s not all … the power of our Coat Drive created a movement of generosity, charity and good will from various organizations. After hearing our radio promos:

  • The Local 3 Electrician’s Union mobilized their people and donated 600 coats.
  • P.S. JFK Jr. High School donated 50 coats.
  • The owner of an apparel company in NYC made a significant donation of sweaters.

The results and enthusiasm from the vendors, 1010 WINS listeners and the community at large are heart-warming and exciting. We're honored to participate in this great program, and we thank all who generously donated a coat so that our less fortunate neighbors could stay warm this past winter. We look forward to continuing the momentum and making impactful contributions to our community for many years to come.

Star Gas-Petro-Meenan - Feb 27, 2017- 1010 WINS-BIOHEAT Coat Drive #3.jpg

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