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Lend Your Support to Pass Intro. 642

- 4:40 pm - May 3rd, 2016

New York City has concluded its fourth winter with buildings using heating oil blended with clean, renewable Bioheat® fuel. Today, our city has the cleanest heating oil in the country today, improving air quality for New Yorkers and displacing 80 million gallons of petroleum over the last four years, all the while lowering energy costs for New Yorkers. But there is much more we need to do.

We have been selling biodiesel blends from B2 (2%, 98% petroleum) to B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum) to a wide variety of customers, who report high levels of satisfaction. That is why NYSEC is supporting a bill in the City Council, Intro. 642, which would increase New York’s biodiesel blend from 2% to 5% (B5) and scale it up to 20% (B20) over the course of the next two decades. This is a practical, common-sense approach to improving air quality in New York City, reducing our carbon footprint, creating green jobs and lowering our country’s dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

NYSEC member companies have avidly supported these measures on behalf of our customers and all New Yorkers, who deserve a cleaner, affordable fuel that helps reduce our country’s dependency on foreign oil, lowers our carbon footprint and improves air quality for our families.

Please consider weighing in with your support on this environmentally friendly, forward-thinking bill by contacting the Speaker of the City Council Melissa Mark Viverito at mviverito@council.nyc.gov. Feel free to copy and paste the template below to your email and to add any personal comments regarding biofuels.

Suggested Letter

Dear Speaker,

I would like to voice my support for Intro. 642, a bill that would increase the requirement in heating oil from B2 to B5 for all buildings in New York City and then scale up to B20.

Bioheat® fuel is a game changer for New York, but we can do more. Intro. 642 would go a long way to improve air quality, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and grow local jobs, with no requirements for new infrastructure or capacity.

Bioheat® fuel produces the same satisfying heat as regular heating oil, cost just about the same or less as heating oil, lubricates traditional heating systems and you don’t have to make any modifications to a burner or tank, nor do you have to buy any new equipment.

I hope that you will recognize the importance that biofuels play in New York City’s renewable energy portfolio and in meeting the goals of the Mayor’s 80 by 50 plan. I urge you to pass Intro. 642.