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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

- 3:49 pm - March 14th, 2017

Here we are a few days ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. Our local baseball teams are preparing for the upcoming season at their respective spring training facilities in sunny Florida. And here are some of the local headlines from March 14:


  • “A powerful nor’easter arrived in the Tri-State area with heavy snow, sleet and rain”
  • “A winter weather advisory remains in effect for New York City”
  • “This storm will likely be the biggest storm of the year”
  • “Gov. Andrew Cuomo is encouraging New York residents to stay indoors and only travel if it's an absolute emergency”


To help stay as safe as possible during severe weather conditions:


Shovel Out Your Fill Pipe

When snow is on the ground, be sure you shovel a path to your oil fill pipe and if needed, mark the location. This will help your delivery driver make your heating oil delivery as safely as possible. This is especially important if you have an in-ground storage tank.


Clear Your Driveway

Make sure your driveway is as clear of snow and ice as possible. The safety of our customers and delivery and service professionals is of the utmost importance. Our drivers may not be able to make your delivery if your driveway is dangerous.


Emergency Service

If you require an emergency fuel delivery or experience a “no-heat” emergency, please contact your local full-service Bioheat® provider. They are here to help you in any way they can, and will be on their way as soon as conditions allow.


Although the snow levels weren't as bad as the initial reports, we still experienced significant snow and ice. We’ve said it before, and a few times every year, a weather event occurs to reinforce the point: you’re in good hands with NYOHA members! Many NYOHA dealers offer comprehensive no-worry service contracts, convenient automatic fuel delivery programs, and emergency fuel delivery and service for exactly the kind of storm we experienced on March 14, and Winter Storm Niko a few weeks ago.


If you’re not already taking advantage of the important services these dealers provide, it’s just a matter of time until those headlines above repeat themselves. In fact, it was only three years ago that we experienced snow on Tax Day – April 15!


Unfortunately, our members can’t end weather misery. But we can make your experience a LOT more comfortable! Call a NYSEC member near you today and learn how!