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Don’t Stop Thinking About Your Heating System Just Yet!

- 10:39 am - April 19th, 2019

We know, it’s springtime! You’re probably just about ready to put that heating system of yours well out of your mind. Before you do – give your heating equipment one last thought! A system tune-up and one last fuel delivery can save yourself from some major headaches when the next heating season rolls around.

Here’s why you should schedule a heating system tune-up!

  • Your equipment will operate more efficiently and continue to provide your home with the same satisfying warmth year after year.

  • You’ll save money on energy bills by preventing the amount of fuel your heating system consumes in order to heat your home from increasing. In fact, a tune-up could save you up to 10% off your annual fuel bill!

  • You’ll save money on repair costs, too! Annual tune-ups minimize the occurrence of breakdowns and allow Bioheat® dealers to catch small problems and fix them before they turn into big trouble!

And don’t forget to keep that storage tank full!

  • A tank that’s full during the spring and summer seasons provides less room for water accumulation

  • Reduced water accumulation inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents sediment buildup in the storage tank

  • Avoiding sediment buildup is crucial! Sediment and bacteria can be drawn into home heating equipment, causing system malfunctions

  • You’ll also have a full supply come next fall!

Once you’ve contacted your local Bioheat fuel dealer and have scheduled your heating system tune-up and final Bioheat fuel delivery, then you have our permission to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather when the opportunity arises!