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B5 Is Coming to NYC

- 4:43 pm - September 30th, 2016

It’s official. B5 Bioheat® fuel (5% biodiesel) is coming to NYC in 2017. According to a press release issued September 28, 2016: “The New York City Council today voted overwhelmingly to pass INT. 642-A, sponsored by Council Member Costa Constantinides. The legislation ensures more sustainable energy consumption by increasing the use of biodiesel in home heating oil. The bill increases biodiesel use from the current standard of 2% to a 5% blend by October 2017, and then raises that blend up to 20% by 2034 on an incremental basis.”

CouncilmanConstantinides.jpgNYSEC has been following the progress of B5 legislation since it was first proposed by Councilman Constantinides in February 2015. Of course, our support of Bioheat® fuel goes back even further to the days of the Bloomberg administration, when the B2 Bioheat® fuel standard was first proposed and implemented. Our members have been some of the most vocal supporters of increased biodiesel blending, and we thank all of you who heeded the call to support INT. 642 after our May 2016 blog post.

Back in issue #117 of our HOT Ideas newsletter, we were delighted to share the news that Bioheat® fuel usage resulted in “greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 84,000 metric tons — the equivalent of removing 17,700 passenger vehicles on the road.” Today’s news is even more exciting for the Big Green Apple, because, as the City Council’s press release states, “The increase from a 2% to a 5% blend would have an environmental impact equivalent of taking 45,000 cars off the road.”

For more information, please read the City Council’s full press release: “Council Passes Constantinides Clean Heating Oil Bill.