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The Advantages of a NYSEC Bioheat® Dealer

- 10:04 am - October 26th, 2017

With a NYSEC Bioheat® dealer, you get much more than clean, green Bioheat® fuel delivered to your home. Your dealer can also help you save on heating system upgrades, allow you the freedom to manage your costs, and keep your system operating in peak condition year-round.

  • Upgrade & Save – Heating system upgrades can reduce your annual energy expenses by up to 40 percent. What’s more, through the Upgrade & Save – New York City & Long Island Rebate Program, you can also save up to $700 when you upgrade your existing oil-fired furnace or boiler and install a new aboveground oil storage tank.
  • Manage Your Costs – Rather than pay the majority of your heating costs in the winter months, you can instead make predictable monthly payments with a budget plan. With a capped price plan, you won’t pay above a certain price no matter what happens in the market, and if prices go lower than the cap price, you’ll pay the lower price. If you’re looking to lock in a price and protect yourself from increases in fuel prices, you can with a fixed price plan.
  • System Protection – Many Bioheat® dealers offer service plans to cover routine maintenance, repairs, tune-ups, and parts and labor that keep your system running in peak condition.

Call your trusted local Bioheat® dealer today to discuss the services they offer. Don’t have a dealer yet? Find one and experience these great benefits!