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Additional Benefits of Bioheat® With NYSEC's Full-Service Dealers

- 11:11 am - May 9th, 2017

NYSEC's full-service Bioheat® dealers offer a wide assortment of services to their customers in order to save them money, ensure the functionality of their heating equipment, and prevent expensive or untimely system failures.

Budget and Payment Plans

When you purchase Bioheat® fuel from a NYSEC full-service dealer, make sure to ask about any plans they offer to ease the payment process. Some dealers offer budget plans that prevent high winter bills by evenly dividing up your annual fuel cost into monthly payments. Dealers may also offer capped prices, which can keep your costs low no matter how much the market price increases/

Upgrades and Rebates 

As time goes by, the heating equipment on the market becomes more efficient. Meanwhile, the opposite is happening to the equipment in your basement. Because of this, NYSEC's full-service dealers offer upgrades and rebates that can earn you money back when you replace your current tank or other equipment with more modern, high-efficiency models. You’ll also save money on your fuel costs when you switch to equipment with ENERGY STAR® certification, saving you 30 percent or more on energy bills. 

System Protection 

NYSEC full-service Bioheat® dealers offer service plans that can cover a wide array of regular maintenance, tune-ups, repairs and parts and labor that’ll keep your entire system running smooth. These service plans typically cost less than the repairs themselves, so it’s always a good idea to look into enrolling in one. They’re not only for heating systems either - some dealers offer service plans for air conditioning, water heaters, air quality and more.

With NYSEC's full-service Bioheat® dealers, you get so much more than dependable delivery of a clean and efficient fuel. Call your local Bioheat® dealer today and ask about the services they’re offering their customers.