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New York City has banned combustion of natural gas and heating oil in all new buildings, beginning in 2024 — not just the equipment, but the fuel itself. The governor has said she supports a statewide ban. Already enacted legislation calls for all-electric heating. But there is a small window of opportunity for our industry. The NYC ban allows for higher blends of Bioheat® fuel, a statewide B50 bill has been introduced, and New York State’s climate plan does advocate for “bioenergy” including Bioheat® fuel. We already have a seat at the table, and now is the time to use it.

Advocacy Tool Kit

To help spread our message far and wide, we’ve created this complete dealer toolkit, featuring a full suite of free digital, social, and physical assets.

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Embed our video call-to-action on your website. Simply copy and paste the html code below into your web design platform.

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Website Banners

Custom website banners for your website to use as a CALL TO ACTION for your customers.

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Bill Insert



Customer Letter

Copy and past the text below into your company letterhead.

Subject: Albany Wants to Force You to Change Heating Systems

New York wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 85% by 2050 to help protect our climate and our communities. We can do this, and we must. But we need the right strategy to succeed.

State legislators are considering a law that would force you to switch from the renewable Bioheat® fuel we deliver to electric heat. That could cost between $20,000 and $40,000 to install heat pumps and remove your boiler or furnace.

There are several problems with this thinking:

  • Heat pumps aren’t very effective in cold climates. That’s why 90% of homes that add heat pumps keep their boiler or furnace, and 80% still use their existing equipment as their main heat source.
  • Installing heat pumps is very expensive. It could cost up to $40,000 to replace your heating equipment, and send your electricity bills skyrocketing.
  • The electric power grid can’t support electric heating. Grid operators are already warning that the Northeast is at “heightened risk” of power outages during the winter because of insufficient energy supply.
  • Electric power plants typically run on fossil gas and coal, emitting massive amounts of carbon and methane. More electricity means more fossil fuel emissions.

We are already delivering clean Bioheat® fuel, made with renewable biodiesel. Our Bioheat® fuel is a “drop in” fuel – it works in any oil-fueled heating system, and immediately begins reducing fossil fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Please tell your State Senator and Representative that Bioheat® fuel is the smart strategy to lower New York greenhouse gas emissions. Visit HeatingNewYork.org/action to make your voice heard.

It only takes a New York minute to make sure your representatives know how you feel!

Thank you.

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Website Content Widget

With the action widget below, your customers will be able to submit comments on the CLCPA without ever leaving your website! Just copy and paste the embed code below onto your web design platform to share the action widget.

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Customer E-Blasts

Send a message to your customer with our preformatted letter ready for use in your email system.

Read the letter below and choose the format you wish to use. We have provided links to both a Word document with the letter copy by itself and also a fully coded email blast (with graphics - as shown below) ready to import into your eblasting system.

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Social Media Posts

How to Use These Posts

Step 1: Copy and paste this text to a new Facebook or Twitter post along with the images below – right click and save or drag and drop to your desktop. Be sure to include the #HeatingNewYork hashtag and link to https://heatingnewyork.org.

Step 2: Use the share or retweet buttons to re-post our existing HeatingNY Facebook and Twitter posts via your personal and business accounts.

Step 3: Ask all of your employees, friends and family members to share and retweet.

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View a sample post from our Facebook page >

One part of New York’s climate plan could force you to spend $40,000 on a new heating system. Another part empowers you to reduce fossil fuel use with your existing boiler. Tell the Climate Action Council to make the right decision for #HeatingNewYork.


On one hand, the Climate Action Council wants to help struggling New Yorkers. On the other hand, their plan could raise everyone’s electricity bills. Tell New York policymakers there’s a more affordable solution for #HeatingNewYork.


New York’s power grid operator says all-electric heating will increase the risk of blackouts. New York climate officials admit outages will happen in the winter. Tell them #HeatingNewYork doesn’t need to mean lights out for New Yorkers.


We support eliminating fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. We also believe you have the right to decide how you heat your home. If you agree, tell state climate officials to leave #HeatingNewYork to the home heating experts.


Don't let the state force you to switch to electric heating when Bioheat® fuel is already reducing your carbon emissions. Learn more about this issue and Make Your Voice Heard! We have a sample letter ready for you to send about #HeatingNewYork.


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Green Ideas

Take Action
Take Action

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